Social Work

University of Mississippi


The final semester in the BSW experience is the social work internship, designated as SW 495: FIELD WORK (nine hours). Concurrently with SW 495, each major will take SW496: SEMINAR IN FIELD WORK (three hours). SW 495 carries a Z grade (pass-fail). SW 496 carries a traditional letter grade. After negotiations among students, agency staff, and faculty, the ultimate grade assignment is the responsibility of Social Work Department faculty.

The internship may be completed anywhere in Mississippi or in Memphis, Tennessee, in a site approved by the Department of Social Work, with consideration to the professional interest and geographic needs of the student. Internship is a thirteen week, forty hours per week work setting. M.S.W. supervision must be available and the setting must offer supervision and practice which meets the standards of Council on Social Work Education. Few placements are available in Oxford-University: therefore, students should be prepared to relocate for internships. Transportation and malpractice insurance are required. Interns who will be transporting clients are required to have automobile liability insurance. Students will be advised in ample time to obtain malpractice insurance through National Association of Social Workers.

Students will not be allowed to begin the internship without malpractice insurance in hand.

Students may do internships in a variety of settings such as: Departments of Human Services, Mental Health, Public Health, Corrections, and Youth Services (Youth Courts); medical and psychiatric hospital and rehabilitation centers; gerontological centers, including nursing homes; public schools (limited); American Red Cross; Salvation Army; day care settings. This list is not exhaustive.

Before internships can be arranged by faculty during the semester prior to enrollment in the internship, students must have:

  • met all degree requirements except for current courses in the semester prior to the internship
  • an overall GPA, with minimum of C in all social work classes (must be maintained through placement)
  • completed an application for degree and had it approved by the department chair
  • have evidence of NASW liability coverage
  • be in a position to relocate from the university community if necessary

Process and Procedures

The internship usually proceeds as follows:

  • Pre-placement visit and signing of contract
  • First day(s) or week – Orientation at the discretion of the agency
  • Modeling of the agency’s activity and procedures by the agency staff
  • Gradual entry into professional activity
  • Regular conferences with agency supervisor
  • Three evaluation conferences per semester with faculty liaison (initial, midterm, final)
  • Written weekly reports of activities submitted to faculty
  • Other written assignments as described in Internship Manual
  • Periodic integrative seminars on campus with other interns
  • Final evaluation and grading

Tuition. The internship semester requires full tuition, the same as other semesters. The activity fee is waived provided the student is enrolled in NO on campus courses.

*Note: The Social Work Internship is only open to Social Work Majors.