Social Work

University of Mississippi

PhD Program Mission

The doctoral program seeks to mentor scholars and advanced applied practitioners.  Graduates will be able to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field and the profession of in order to develop more effective and efficient interventions in social welfare.  Graduates will be trained so they may assume leadership positions in teaching, research, administration.  The doctoral program’s overall learning outcome objectives for doctoral students are as follows:

  • To become leaders in examining and addressing the needs of diverse, vulnerable and at-risk populations.
  • To contribute to the development and dissemination of knowledge about social work interventions as they relate to at-risk and vulnerable populations.
  • To develop expertise of the broad knowledge base in social work and a specialized area of knowledge germane to their individual research interests.
  • To be able to design data collection and analytic methods to effectively carry out quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research investigations.
  • To identify and incorporate one or more philosophies of science to guide their research.