Social Work

University of Mississippi

Transfer Work

Transfer courses:

Social work courses will be accepted for transfer by the Department Chair if:

(1) the course or courses were taken at another institution accredited by Council on Social Work Education, AND

(2) the catalog description or syllabus is consistent with the University of Mississippi courses.

Senior social work practice courses and the social work Internship must be taken at the University of Mississippi. The only exception to the above rules is that SW 315: INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL WORK may be transferred from community colleges or other institutions provided the syllabus is consistent with University of Mississippi standards.

Permission to take courses at other schools:

Students who wish to take courses at other schools must clear with the academic advisor as to whether social work courses can be accepted for transfer. Clearance to take these and other courses must be obtained from the Office of the Dean of the School of Applied Sciences.

In addition, students must have permission from the Office of the Dean of the School of Applied Sciences to be enrolled in another school, college, or university while enrolled at the Universityof Mississippi. WITHOUT SUCH APPROVAL, TRANSFERRED HOURS MAY NOT BE ACCEPTED.