Social Work
University of Mississippi

General Admission Information

Prospective students should understand that admission to the Master of Social Work Program is competitive, limited in number, and dependent upon the availability of faculty. Meeting the requirements below does not guarantee admission.

Admission Requirements (Regular and Advanced Standing Programs)

In addition to meeting regular Graduate School requirements of a bachelor degree, and completed online application, students seeking Regular admission to the Master of Social Work Program must meet or submit the following:

  • Completion of 3 hours in each of the following undergraduate liberal arts courses: English composition, history, political science, statistics, psychology, sociology, human biology and 9 hours of electives in the social or behavioral sciences.

Students seeking admission to the MSW program must complete a Graduate School application online. This application will require the following:

  • Resume
  • Personal and Professional Statement
  • Essay/ Writing Sample
      • Please submit a writing sample from your undergraduate career or a or a recent publication (e.g., practice report for your profession) that showcases your writing as well as critical thinking. Topics related to social work are encouraged, but not required. 
  • Background check
  • Three letters of recommendation–
      • You will submit contact information for three people who will be contacted by the Graduate School and asked for a recommendation. Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure these recommendations are submitted.  Please check your application regularly to make sure the letters are submitted by your recommenders. We recommend you ask:
    1. Previous professor or instructor
    2. Current supervisor or professional
    3. One other professional contact, work associate, or professor/instructor
      *If you have graduated with a BSW in the past 12 months, one of these references must include your previous field placement supervisor.

Application deadline (Regular and Advanced Standing): April 1.

Admission Requirements (Advanced Standing)

The application deadline for Advanced Standing is April 1.

In addition to the requirements above, students seeking admission to the Advanced Standing Program for the Master of Social Work must meet the following:

  • 3.0 GPA on the last 60 hours of undergraduate coursework or 3.0 Overall GPA
  • Completion of Bachelor of Social Work degree from a CSWE accredited program within the last five years

Financial aid and scholarship information may be found on the Graduate School website and on the Social Work website.


University of Mississippi Department of Social Work MSW Program 

Format for Applicant Personal and Professional Statement 

In order to assist us in determining your fit with the social work profession and the University of Mississippi Department of Social Work, please prepare a carefully written, 3-4 page (900-1200 words, double-spaced, 12-point font) statement that addresses the following questions: 

1. What is your understanding of social work? Please include your understanding of social justice and how it is relevant to social work. 

2. How did your interest in social work develop? What personal, volunteer, and professional experiences or relationships have influenced your interest in this profession? 

 3. What are your career goals? What fields of practice are of interest to you and why? 

4. What factors impacted your decision to seek graduate education both in general and in particular at the University of Mississippi Department of Social Work? 

5. Graduate education is a very demanding endeavor and requires a major commitment in terms of focus, time and energy. How is this a logical next step for you both personally and professionally? Please address how you feel you are ready for the intensity of graduate study.

6. If there are deficiencies (GPA below 3.0, failed courses, etc.) in your academic record, please address them.